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Closed circuit camera?

Avancar Security & Access Services is one of the few successful names to offer world-class cctv cameras, which help us to monitor anything from our confront. Whether it is a factory, shop, office or any other place, one can watch whole premises on monitor with the help of CCTV cameras of different type. Compact in size, it offers many view angles and are the perfect low cost solution for discrete indoor surveillance. Available in various types like: Manual vari focal lens and Motorised Zoom lens and fixed iris lens with dimensions: 4mm/6mm/8mm , they are easy to install.

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Provided with 4-16 sensor input and 1-4 alarm output, we offer optimum quality DVR standalone that is featured with schedule and sensor detection recording and have the ability to record in individual video channel format or quad format. It record video input from the Security Camera/CCTV connected to this Unit and also provide rock-solid, easy-to-use performance which makes it ideal for multi-camera law enforcement, industrial, commercial, and individual applications.

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