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Server Security

Web server security is the protection of information assets that can be accessed from a Web server. Web server security is important for any organization that has a physical or virtual Web server connected to the Internet. It requires a layered defence and is especially important for organizations with customer-facing websites. Server security comes to being confidentially, integrity, availability of appropriate information and authentication. A leaky server can cause a vital harm to an organisation. So security is the most complex topic that the modern world is concerned about. A security breach incurs a cost for the organisation in the terms of money as well as good will. Databases store confidential and sensitive information. Hence, it is the most important task of an organisation to safeguard crucial information from being stolen and misused.

Server hardening is the process of tuning the server operating system to increase security and help prevent unauthorized access. We at SSTPL know each environment is unique and we work with you to design a server hardening plan that works with your applications while increasing security and stability. Our on-site server security engineers perform regular security maintenance on your systems around the clock. Our experienced professionals will ensure that the hardening standards are in place and in line with industry benchmarks, and that your servers are patched and configured to comply with these standards. Non-compliant items will be fixed in a time-bound manner whilst ensuring first and foremost that functionality is not being impacted.

Common Server Security issues faced

  • All server physical connectivity status
  • Weak Passwords
  • Open Network Ports
  • Old Software Version
  • Poor Physical Security
  • Insecure CGIs
  • Stale and Unnecessary Accounts
  • Procrastination

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