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Cadmate 2D/3D

CADMATE is the perfect tool for you. It’s the fastest 2D drafting software, allowing you to design and draft complex projects in record time. Plus, with its intuitive interface and comprehensive library of features, it’s easy to use and customize for any type of project. Thousands of professionals have already experienced the power & speed of CADMATE.

CADMATE 2024 has optimized the loading and displaying of super-large raster images, hatch quick preview and lineweight self-drawing, which greatly improves the performance of drawing opening and displaying. The secondary development interface continues to be improved, which greatly enhances the efficiency of secondary development.

CADMATE 2024 adds the functions of Dynamic Dimension Input and DWFX Batch Digital Signature, improves the functions of viewport editing and adjustment, and the VPMAX/VPMIN command, which can further improve operational efficiency and user experience.

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Cadmate Mechanical

Cadmate Mechanical serves makers and suppliers of a wide range of manufacturing industries: automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, shipbuilding, aviation and aerospace, equipment, etc, used in daily work by mechanical engineers, mechanical designers, draftsmen, engineering manager, shop floor workers, quality inspectors, etc.

Quality Control SystemWe enhance our industry operations by relieving you of the worries associated with freight forwarding.
100% Satisfaction GuaranteeAn integrated approach to providing engineering services allows our clients to benefit from the commercial and logistical advantages.
Highly Professional StaffOur innovative markup and collaboration technology saves design and construction teams time and money. The key to our success is a customer-focused approach to product development: we work with the industry to create solutions for the industry.
Accurate Testing ProcessesWe’ll work with you on your project, large or small. Together we’ll fine-tune your new construction, remodeling or renovation plans.

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Estimation (Cadmate Takeoff)

You can now estimate your projects immediately and perform digital takeoffs on drawings and send quantities/estimates directly to the field for easy communication. Say good-bye to costly printing fees and running around and save time, money and space.
With state of the art pdf and dwg technology used in CADMATE Takeoff, the application provides high clarity and accuracy, while working on drawings.
Precision is a very important aspect in quantity estimation and with innovative technologies embodied in this application makes it one of the most desirable application. CADMATE software brings to you CADMATE TakeOff a unique application for estimation and quantity takeoff.

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BIM (ArchiCad)

BIM is a collaborative working methodology for the construction world. It is used by designers, builders, architects, installers, manufacturers, and other agents involved in a construction process. BIM can add and preserve information in a project from its inception, through its completion, management, and to its very end.

BIM is made up of three components:

Agile development
Lean construction for the building industry
Complete digitalization of building design processe

BIM interoperability refers to BIM applications' capabilities to share, exchange, gather, and process the same data. BIM interoperability develops when various teams and organizations on the same project may share the same data.
Archicad is a BIM software tool developed by Graphisoft. It is a popular choice among architects and designers, as it provides a range of tools to create 3D models of buildings

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MEP (DDScad)

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) refers to the installation of services that make buildings safe and habitable. MEP systems are often hidden from view, but they regulate temperature and humidity, drain waste and rainwater, and power elevators and many devices.

MEP is a branch of engineering that deals with designing and implementing:

Heating and ventilation circuits
Electrical systems

MEP installations are normally designed together because of the high degree of interaction between them.

Some examples of MEP systems include:

Heating and cooling
Waste removal
Potable cold and hot water supply
Water recovery and treatment systems
Rainwater, surface and subsurface water drainage
Fuel gas piping

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Land Survey (TojoCAD)

Powerful software solutions to Surveyors and Civil Engineers Compatible with Cadmate and AutoCAD

TojoCAD offer powerful software solutions to Surveyors and Civil Engineers and dedicated to serve most powerful products to develop better, more presentable drawings and accurate reports. TojoCAD is economically priced; easy to use; and capable of addressing most of civil engineering and surveyors’ requirements.

TojoCAD is designed for considering the fact that surveyors and engineers with basic CAD software knowledge can generate required outputs without getting in to lengthy training, big manuals, memorizing operation sequences or navigating through multiple windows. TojoCAD aim’s at improving the work force efficiency, by saving time and increasing productivity.

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GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is a computer-based tool that can create, manage, analyze, and map geographic data. GIS mapping is a type of mapping technology that uses data layers to create maps, colors, and shapes.

GIS mapping has many uses, including:

Visualizing data:
GIS mapping can help visualize spatial data and locations, quantities, density, and more.
Building decision support systems:
GIS mapping can help businesses make informed decisions by providing customizable combinations of data layers.
Comparing locations:
GIS mapping can help people compare the locations of different things to discover how they relate to each other. For example, a single map could include sites that produce pollution and sites that are sensitive to pollution.
Query and statistical analysis:
GIS mapping integrates common database operations, such as query and statistical analysis, with maps.

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